Big One





The Pepsi Max big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is among the fastest and biggest rollercoaster in the world. It is a high speed white knuckle ride that reaches heights of 235 feet above sea level and travels at speeds of up to eighty five miles an hour.  The roller coaster is made of steel and was constructed by Arrow Dynamics at a cost of twelve million pounds.  It is visible from a distance of over twenty miles and on clear days can be seen from as far away as South Cumbria across Morecambe Bay.   

At its opening in 1994 the Pepsi Max Big One was the steepest fastest and tallest rollercoaster in the world, although some of these records have subsequently been claimed by other rides.  There are three trains in all capable of taking 1700 passengers and the journey is almost five and a half thousand feet long, passing through two tunnels along the way.  It has a maximum vertical angle of 65 degrees and a G force of 3.5. The rides last three minutes and provide panoramic views of the sea and Blackpool. Promenade 

The Pepsi Max Big One is a ride of amazing contrasts:  there is  a comparatively slow gradual ascent  to the top which serves to build up the feeling of tension and  anticipation then suddenly riders find themselves at the pinnacle with  stunning views of the Irish Sea and Blackpool South Shore, confronted by a drop of over two  hundred feet; then  the rollercoaster swoops down  at an incredible  speed  and at an angle of around  sixty degrees.  This first drop is regarded by many people as the most thrilling part of the ride, but there are another six ascents and numerous twists and turns to follow.  The ride is definitely one of the most popular holiday attractions in Blackpool.



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