Blackpool sea life centre also includes the Lost City of Atlantis, a Victorian Pier, Kingdom of the Sea horse and several other attractions. It has educational resources, talks, gift shop, cafe, and play area.  The centre is extremely popular and has received more than six million visitors to date.   It is an all weather attraction and can be found on the Golden Mile, opening every day (except Christmas) from 10 AM, with varying closing times. 








Sea Life Centre





Blackpool sea life centre on the Promenade has a comprehensive display of marine species, one of the largest in Europe.  There are more than 50 exhibits of various kinds containing both tropical and European sea creatures from freshwater and Oceans.  The collection includes piranhas, sharks, rays, seahorses, jellyfish, and crustaceans. There are several species of eels, and a large assortment of tropical sharks.  The Amazon exhibition features poisonous dart frogs as well as piranhas with lifelike rainforest sounds such as running water and mists.  There is a new attraction for 2008 – suckers – an array of cuttlefish, nautilus and octopus, starring the giant pacific variety which can attain five feet in size. The display has the world’s first known example of a “Hexapus” - a creature with three hearts and blue blood like an octopus but with only six legs.  Pirates, the legend of Blackbeard features a ghostly sunken wrecked galleon populated with Caribbean reef sea life.   There is a walkthrough underwater acrylic tunnel surrounded by swimming sharks – visitors may be mere inches from the deadly creatures as they glide past them. 














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