Blackpool Zoo is situated about two miles from the promenade and houses approximately fifteen hundred animals of many different species, including mammals, fish, reptiles, primates, birds and insects.    The animals are from every continent and all types of climate and geographical conditions. There are exotic tropical forest species such as parrots, snakes, chimpanzees, deer, and frogs.  Hot grassland animals include zebra and ostriches. Desert, woodland, mountain, and several other environments are also represented.    Some of the most popular residents are the giraffes which are newly arrived for 2008, mountain gorillas and ring tailed lemurs. The Zoo stands amidst thirty two acres of lakes and parkland. It also has a Dinosaur Safari displaying full size models of the creatures along a walk though trail.  There are over thirty prehistoric animals, featuring marine reptiles, pterodactyls, and tyrannosaurus rex against a background of an ancient world with lakes, geysers and an erupting volcano involving realistic sound effects.  Another walk though display at  Blackpool Zoo is Amazonia  which is home to South American species  of  swans, monkeys and several types of waterfowl.  There are a number of other aspects of the zoo and it has over 400 different animals.  It also has a leading role in education and conservation.

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