Centenary Trams





Blackpool Centenary Trams are the newest in the fleet and derive their name from the fact that the first of the vehicles went into operation in 1985, a hundred years after the tramway was founded.  The cars were built by East Lancashire coachbuilders, and there are 8 currently in service, making them a common sight on the promenade.   They are single decker one person operated trams and have a fairly modern appearance resembling ordinary buses.   The cars have a history of unreliability in comparison with their counterparts on the track that in some cases can be fifty years older.    The one illustrated at the top is Centenary tram 648 which carries a cinema advert, and like the others has been renovated since its original construction.  As well as the usual service it has been used for illuminations toursThe lower image shows car 646 alongside and ahead of Balloon 706. Despite their poor reputation, the centenaries make an important contribution to the tramway system.



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