North Pier





Blackpool North pier is the oldest, longest and most traditional of the three Victorian piers in the resort. It was officially opened on May 21st 1863, having taken about a year to build.  In 1864 a landing jetty was constructed and pleasure steamers provided passenger trips to the Isle of Man, the lakes North Wales and other locations.  The pier was immensely popular with visitors and over the following decades and into the 20th century various improvements and enlargements were made to enable the introduction of new attractions, including a pavilion, sun lounge, arcade shops and theatre.  Blackpool North pier theatre is famous for its shows with comedians singers and other entertainers.  The Merrie England Bar added in the 1960’s is another popular attraction. 

Like so many aspects of the resort, Blackpool north pier is a blend of architecture, heritage and tourist entertainments. It was designed by the prolific and distinguished Victorian engineer and architect Eugenius Birch who created 14 British seaside piers in all, and it was constructed using his patent screw piles made of cast iron. These literally screwed the pier supporting piles into the seabed providing an extremely robust and durable structure.  The pier also exhibits the influence of the Indian designs that Birch had become interested in during a period working in that country and which  was to be so characteristic of his style.  It is the oldest of the surviving piers constructed by him. The pier is a grade 11 listed building and retains a number of its original Victorian architectural features. In 2004 the National Piers Society named it ‘pier of the year’. It is important both architecturally and for the range of entertainments and shows it has to offer.

Holiday attractions at the pier include a traditional carousel or merry go round of painted horses on a rotating platform. It also has a carousel bar where drinks can be enjoyed in the conservatory or outside in the sun lounge which is also a favourite spot for sunbathing. The carousel bar offers a selection of food and drink and also entertainment with weekend swing music including vocalist, and evening family cabaret.  Blackpool North pier theatre has a great reputation for the quality of its fine shows with variety acts, comedians and singers, and over the years it has starred numerous legendary entertainers. In 2009 the theatre will present such acts as Billy Pierce, Freddie Starr, The Bachelors and QE11 The Magic Of Queen. The Merrie England bar is another popular attraction on the pier and has a great partying and fun atmosphere and features the famous Joey Blower show.  The pier has restaurants, shops, amusements and an exhibition of the history of the attraction. It also provides great views of the Irish Sea and Promenade.  The pier is a favourite Blackpool attraction with plenty of entertainment.


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