Blackpool has three imposing piers, each a marvellous example of Victorian engineering. The original purpose of piers was to provide people with the feeling of being on water without having to go on a cruise: they could walk along the planks looking at the waves beneath them and at the same time enjoy the surrounding attractions. These days Blackpool piers offer a combination of amusements, rides, shows, bars, restaurants, arcades and other entertainments. Tickets for events may be purchased online for Blackpool Piers Shows

The splendid North Pier was the first to be constructed in 1863 and is now an English Heritage grade two listed building, reflecting its architectural significance. It was designed to the specifications of Eugenius Birch and is one of his few surviving creations. It stands approximately 400 metres from Blackpool Tower and is nearly 550 yards long. With its carousel, end of pier show, and Indian Pavilion, it retains the romance and charm of earlier days. It has a very grand, elegant appearance, and a stroll along the pier is almost like a return the Victorian era. In 2004 it was voted pier of the year by the National Piers Society. Online bookings can be made for Blackpool North Pier Show Tickets. In 2009 the venue will feature such entertainments as The Bachelors Show and Abba The Concert - Live Tribute, as well as other shows

Blackpool piers offer plenty of entertainment for visitors and are an essential part of the heritage of the town. They have immense historical interest and are a firmly established tradition. For many people Blackpool piers are among the most enjoyable attractions to be found on British Seaside holidays.  Central pier was the second of the three to be built and on construction it was 460 metres long including a 400 foot low tide jetty at its head. But in the 1970’s the obsolete jetty was demolished reducing the overall length to 339 metres. Soon after its opening on 1868 it became known as the ‘people’s pier’ due to the facilities it offered for dancing, an activity that the more refined middle class clientele of North Pier tended to regard with disdain. Although it is a magnificent construction, Central Pier came to be thought of as a venue for fun and pleasure rather than architectural majesty. Its centrepiece is the Blackpool Big Wheel, which as well as being a fantastic ride, provides stunning views of the Promenade and surrounding sea. The Big Wheel is one of the most recognisable of all the great Blackpool Landmarks. At the end of the pier is the Family Bar with entertainers and live performances – both evening and daytime in the busy holiday periods. There is also the extremely popular evening show, Legends with its professional tribute impersonations of well known music stars. Tickets may be booked online for Legends. It is also possible to make bookings online for other Central Pier Show Tickets. There are dodgems, helter skelter, and amusement machines.

South Pier is the newest of the three Blackpool piers – it opened as recently as 1893 - and at a length of just under 150 metres is the smallest by a considerable margin. At its opening it was called Victoria pier, in honour of the then reigning monarch and it was renamed South Pier in 1930. The overall emphasis here is on family entertainment and it creates the general feeling of being on a funfair. It offers a combination of white-knuckle high adrenaline rides and amusement arcade. Skycoaster, skyscreamer, Scad Diving, dodgem cars and bungee jumping are all here. There is also the hugely popular bar, with its top quality live entertainment, beer terraces and patios. In addition the pier provides a great view of the Irish Sea and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The Blackpool holiday flats are between South and Central piers near the promenade and seafront. The accommodation is within walking distance of famous attractions such as the Sandcastle Waterworld, Pleasure Beach, the Golden Mile, Waxworks and Sea Life Centre

Blackpool Holiday Flats
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