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Blackpool Pleasure Beach  is the most popular  tourist attraction in the UK, with almost six million visitors every year. Blackpool Pleasure Beach receives more tourists than the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, and  even the Pyramids at Giza.   According to a recent survey by the American magazine Forbes Traveler Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the 21st  most visited tourist attraction in the world, reflecting its global importance. The Amusement  Park has more than  one hundred and twenty five rides and attractions of various kinds,  as well as great shows such as the famous Hot Ice.  It contains the award winning White Tower Penthouse restaurant with its superb views of the sea and promenade. There are a total of fifty-four restaurants and food outlets. Other attractions include Arcades, Bowladrome,   and ice skating.

The Pleasure Beach Blackpool theme park contains  some of the biggest and best rides to be found anywhere.  There are white knuckle rides, for example,  Avalanche, Space Invader 2, and Irn-Bru Revolution., and more relaxed slow moving leisurely ones.  The Pepsi Max Big One  was open to the public in 1994 and cost twelve million pounds to build. It reaches heights of  235 feet and attains speeds of  85 mph,  making it the fastest and tallest  rollercoaster in Europe. The £15 million  Valhalla which  opened in 2000  is the biggest dark ride in the world.

Other spectacular rides include Ice Blast, Bling and Infusion, which is the latest to be introduced and thrills passengers with its amazing loops, rolls and dives.  There are also the five  traditional  wooden rollercoasters,  the classic ‘woodies’,  such as the Grand National and Big Dipper.  Blackpool Pleasure Beach Wristbands can be bought which  permit wearers an unlimited number of rides for the period.

The amusement park dates back to 1896 when Alderman William George Bean took out a lease on a 42 acre site in South shore.  Although  North and  Central Blackpool were flourishing towards the end of the nineteenth century, the southern  part of the resort was comparatively slow to become a holiday area. Until the construction of South Pier in 1893 there was little in the region apart from the sand hills. In 1896 an American Merry-go round was built, and later Alderman Bean took over the site that would become the Pleasure Beach.  His aim was to create an American style Amusement Park and with encouragement from him, other operators opened rides on the site.  Sir Hiram S.  Maxims Flying Machines which took its first passengers in 1904 is still operating at the present time involving much of the machinery used at its opening. Blackpool Pleasure Beach has continued to be innovative, regularly adding new rides and retaining classic attractions

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has a new attraction for 2008 – Adventure Golf.  This is a crazy golf course consisting of twelve holes with colourful design aspects.  It has stunning landscapes, water features and bright lights.  Every hole on the course presents distinctive challenges, and the difficulty levels vary on each stage of the course.  The course cost nearly £500,000 to build and it is situated close to the casino outside the Pleasure Beach on Flagstaff Gardens. The Blackpool holiday flats in south shore are handy for the Pleasure Beach and also for the Sandcastle Waterworld which is another nearby attraction.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2008 - Fireworks Spectacular with 91.4 rock fm   on 1st 2nd November. Saturday 10.00 pm Sunday 9.30 pm. Friday Fright Nights in October - Halloween, toffee apples, pumpkin soup, pecan pie etc.      0871 222 1234.
Christmas on ice featuring the Wizard of Oz  at Pleasure Bech Arena from Monday 22 December  2008 to Thursday 1st January 2009.    
0871 222 9090   01253 341707
Winter Weekends
8th to 30th November 2008, Saturdays and Sundays, from 12 noon to 5 o’clock. Ice skating at the Arena  from 15th Nov.    
0871 222 1234

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