Blackpool Tower is the most widely recognized symbol of the resort and as well as being an important architectural feature is a major entertainment complex.  It is the most distinctive building in Blackpool, visible from all over the town, and on clear days can even be observed from as far away as   the Lakes, the Isle of Man and North Wales.  It is around 518 feet high and is a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The structure is a Grade 1 listed building and is included in the World Federation of Great Towers.  There are several holiday attractions inside.

Blackpool Tower Ballroom was designed by Frank Matcham and was constructed between 1897 – 1898.  It was opened in 1899.  The parquet ballroom floor is made of over 30,000 separate blocks of walnut, oak and mahogany and is  1600 square yards in area.  It is widely regarded as the most magnificent ballroom in the world.  The famous Wurlitzer has a long association with the ballroom, with distinguished organists such as Reginald Dixon, Earnest Broadbent and Phil Kelsall. The venue also hosts variety and musical shows.    

Blackpool Tower Circus is presented in a 110 foot square arena situated at the base of the building, and entertains about sixteen hundred people with its award winning performing artistes.  Magic of the Caribbean is a water spectacular set on a Pirate Galleon sailing in the circus arena, which has a ring floor capable of being lowered and filled with water in under a minute. . Jungle Jim’s Towering Adventureland is an adventure playground with a Lost City theme, containing swings, slides and climbs, including a treasure quest.  It is on the site of the former roof garden.  The Aquarium is one of the original attractions of the building and has a great many different fish species.  The Walk of Faith is a two inches thick glass panel 380 feet above ground level.  There is a Jurassic Walk themed 3D cinema creating the feeling  of a dinosaur landscape. Shows and events are held regularly at the Tower, which also has food outlets, including restaurant 1894, and souvenir shops. Blackpool Tower is a unique tourist achievement, combining magnificent architecture, fine heritage and enduringly popular holiday attractions.  At the time of its construction it was widely regarded as the greatest individual accomplishment of British engineering of the day.  Blackpool Tower Tickets can also be purchased online enabling visitors to arrange their trip to the venue in advance.

The history of the construction of Blackpool Tower is a fascinating subject in itself. The creation of the monument was inspired by the Eiffel Tower which formed the entrance arch to the Great Paris Exhibition of 1989, held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French revolution.  This exhibition was visited by the then lord Mayor of Blackpool, John Bickerstaff and he was so impressed by the tower that he decided to build a similar monument in his home town and on his return to the resort he organized a group of local business people to generate finance for the project.  Such was the importance of John Bickerstaff that he is widely known as the ‘Father of Blackpool Tower’ and there is a restaurant in the building named in his honour.  The undertaking presented formidable logistical and engineering challenges.  The Blackpool Tower Company was formed and this was registered on February 19th 1891.  Manchester architects Charles Tuke and James Maxwell were commissioned to design the building and the foundation stone was laid on September 29 1891.  Within three years the work had been completed and Blackpool Tower was formally opened on May 14th 1894, just in time for the Whitsun holiday with crowds of people queuing to gain admittance, paying sixpence for the privilege.  For an additional sixpence people could take a ride to the top and by paying the same amount again could watch the circus. ‘One and six’ in those days represented a considerable outlay, showing just how popular this new attraction was with members of the public.  With the construction of the Tower, the greatest feat of Victorian engineering in Britain had been achieved and it became the most famous seaside monument in the country. Our Blackpool holiday flats are situated in the south shore area of the resort, convenient for attractions such as the Pleasure Beach and Sandcastle complex and we are just a tram ride away from the Tower.

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